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25g Large Kawa Kawa Cream/Balm

Great size for in your handbag. nappy bag. car or first aid kit!


Our Kawa kawa creams are harvested following Tikanga and created in the heart of the Waikato. They are filled with natural qualities that help assist your skins healing process with conditions such as Eczema, dry skin, psoriasis, cuts, burns, grazes, rashes, sores, tattoo care, first aid and more..... 


The Kawa kawa plant is well known all over New Zealand for its amazing healing qualities and is widely used by Māori and non Māori all over the country. 


*This product contains bees wax and should not be taken if you have bee allergies or reactions to bee products.

*Our products are handmade using natural raw ingredients, They may contain a small amount of organic materials such as sediment.

Kawa Kawa Cream 25g

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